Odesi Service Update - March 2024

Last modified by Gabby Crowley on 2024-03-28, 15:31

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Over this past year we successfully migrated Odesi to a new back-end repository hosted in Borealis. Odesi is now integrated with national infrastructure and offers users a new front-end catalogue for searching and using data collections. As part of this move, much of the data in Odesi is now available as open access, to reflect changes to data use licenses. 

Moving forward

To address some questions we’ve been receiving and for clarity and transparency, Odesi will remain the same service and subscription model for the foreseeable future. We anticipate conversations to continue over the next year to move Odesi closer to alignment with national data services. Through your continued support of Odesi, Canadian survey and public opinion data are more openly discoverable and accessible. Restricted-Access and licensed data are also available to users at subscribing institutions. 

Notification of changes about metrics

As part of the move towards open data, we no longer collect or provide institution-level metrics. A new Odesi Metrics Report provides a count by each dataset and number of file downloads by month. If you are interested in providing Odesi’s open metrics to your organization, please do so! 

How to access current and previous Odesi dataset-level metrics:

  1. Go to the Odesi Metrics Report and download the full metrics report (see top-right-hand-corner) in Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) format
  2. Open the spreadsheet and navigate to the ‘Downloads by Dataset’ Tab
  3. Add Filter on the first column ‘Root’ to filter only for ‘Odesi’ results
  4. View all the Dataset titles and the corresponding number of file downloads for each dataset, by month, for a full 1-year period (ex. February 2023 - March 2024)
  5. Previous years of metrics are available on the main Report page, however, the Odesi report will only appear since October 2023 (when Odesi fully migrated to Borealis)
  6. Previous Nesstar-based metrics are still available for your institution from 2018 to October 2023

Notification about final Odesi Nesstar shutdown

We would also like to inform all subscribers that as of April 12th the read-only access to the previous Odesi Nesstar repository will be shut down. Full archiving of all the files was completed in March 2024. Users will automatically be redirected to the main Odesi site at https://odesi.ca

We are continuing work to improve Odesi over the next year, including a new Data Explorer & analysis tool which will be available for testing in late-Spring 2024. 

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or feedback!

Thank you for your continued support of Odesi through this time of transition.