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Blog - posts for August 2016

Aug 25 2016

Scholars Portal Dataverse 4 Upgrade (Fall 2016)

The Scholars Portal Dataverse is a repository for research data collected by individuals and organizations affiliated with Ontario universities. It is open to anyone in the world to deposit, and has over 78 Dataverses, with over 500 studies deposited to date. 

To update our existing infrastructure, we are excited to announce that we will be upgrading to Dataverse 4 over the summer and fall 2016. The upgrade will improve the overall look and feel of the Scholars Portal Dataverse, and offer new features for data management.

Fall: Release

As of September 30th 2016, Scholars Portal will be releasing a new version of Dataverse. The service will be down from September 26th to 30th in order to properly upgrade and test the new system.

If you have questions about this upgrade, please contact